House Fair Spain 2017 - Melon Flavour Experiences
Enza Zaden
21st June 3-7 July

Enza Zaden
Ctra. De Pozo Estrecho - Canal del Trasvase s/n
30330 Albujón (Murcia) Spain

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Miguel Salinas
+34 626 989 376

Carmen Ampt
+31 646 440 163

Melon Flavour Experiences

Melon is well-known for its sweet taste and therefor much appreciated by many people around the world. Our melon breeding activities are not only focus on good resistances and crop yields but also in flavours and delicious melon bites.
We would like to invite you to visit this inspiring event that will stimulate your senses:
  • Know our current wide international melon portfolio and novelties for coming years.
  • Taste our delicious melon varieties.
  • Live the original melon experience in the tasting area.

Great partnerships

At Enza Zaden we are continuously working on developing the best melon varieties and concepts that meet the wishes and needs of all parties in the chain. To realise this, co-operation and partnership is key. We would very much like to discuss the opportunities with you to devel- op great partnerships during the Melon House Fair Spain.
Are you ready for it?

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