November 13th | Almería

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Tribelli, the sweet pleasure

Tribelli reinvents the pleasure of eating. Tribelli is color, is sweetness. Tribelli goes further and offers a strong added value, being a unique product. There are the peppers and then, there is Tribelli.

Tribelli expresses all of the passion we put in creating a quality product available to everyone and transmitting all its possibilities. It’s an the opportunity to leave a mark and be different from the rest, are you ready?


GreenCumbers, be natural

In Enza Zaden we work for a better future. Currently the market demands sustainability, commitment and trust. Our commitment is to offer solutions to the entire food supply chain. That’s why we developed GreenCumbers, a new generation of cucumbers that will allow you to respond to a market that is increasingly concerned about natural resources and our future, helping to reduce the use of plastics.

With GreenCumbers, quality, color and trading for longer is possible!


Itsy Bitsy Bites, all the flavour you deserve

Are you looking for small tomatoes with an original flavor?

Our new generation of minis tomatoes offers a delicious flavor experience. In addition, snack & “ready to go” formats are, today more than ever, present in the markets, so we maintain a solid bound with the entire chain by offering new varieties, including our TomAzur mini concept.

Also, if you want to have both flavor and a burst of color, discover our Itsy-Bitsy Bites, all the flavor and color you deserve, now pocket size.


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House Fair Spain 2019

We would like to invite you to visit our House Fair Spain 2019 to know more about our proposals, new challenges and market trends.

Join us whenever you prefer that day!

For more information please contact our Communications Department – Beatriz López Reyes or fill out our invitation form.


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