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Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus (CGMMV): we all have to deal with it and we all want to get rid of it. Exactly how does this virus work? And how does resistance in a variety limit development of the virus? Ronald Wilterdink, Phytopathologist and Miguel Angel Caballero, Cucumber Crop Breeder Manager at Enza Zaden, give us a behind-the-scenes look at viruses and resistances.

How the virus spreads

CGMMV spreads in various ways. An important source is natural transfer, for example by birds, beetles, water, roots and soil. But it is also spread by people or products that people use or carry with them, like trolleys, tools, phones, etc. And, once you’ve got the virus in the greenhouse, it’s hard to get rid of it again. Prevention is better than cure anyway.” Here Ronald is referring to good hygiene rules for visitors, cleaning barrels and tools, etc.

Two variants

CGMMV is a serious problem for growers. It can significantly reduce yields, sometimes up to 25%. “Unfortunately, there aren’t always obvious visible cues that the virus is present,” says Ronald. By this, he is referring to the different variants. “There is a variant with conspicuous symptoms, characterized by mosaic-like spots on the leaves and fruit. But there is also a variant of the virus with inconspicuous symptoms.”

Resistant varieties

Resistant varieties significantly help in the search for a solution to the CGMMV problem. At Enza Zaden, this has resulted in a new generation of cucumber varieties that have CGMMV resistance. Miguel Angel continues the story. “This new line of cucumber varieties are Intermediate Resistant to CGMMV. That doesn’t mean they prevent infection, but it does significantly limit the consequences. Like an air bag in the car does in an accident.”

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Enza Zaden has now introduced several CGMMV-resistant varieties. In our Greencumber portfolio we have Oktan and E23L.16447, this last including New Delhi resistance. Within our EasyQs concept Katrina is the CGMMV resistant variety. These varieties offer growers continuous supply in production, high quality fruit, reduced use of pesticides and lower fruit residues.

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