Resistance makes the difference

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From 9 – 30 November 2021 the Enza Zaden House Fair 2021 takes place. During these three weeks you can visit our demo location in Almeria, Spain or join a digital session to learn all about our new and proven varieties and our innovative concepts.

Resistance makes the difference

The common thread through this event is ‘Resistance makes the difference’. Enza Zaden offers varieties with a high level of resistance in different crops and for all markets. Our tomato varieties with high resistance to ToBRFV, our CGMMV-resistant (IR) cucumber varieties, our pepper varieties with LT-resistance and Vitalis organic varieties are in the spotlight during the House Fair.

Why is resistance so important?

Resistant varieties offer advantages to all the players in the chain:

  • For growers, resistant varieties reduce the risk on crop loss and provide a higher yield.
  • Retailers are looking for good quality products with a longer shelf life. Because resistant varieties are less vulnerable or not vulnerable at all to diseases, they have a longer and better quality.
  • Consumers are more and more looking for healthy and chemical-free vegetables. Resistant varieties need no or less pesticides, which leads to a cleaner crop and healthier product.

Sustainable agriculture

In our breeding programs we focus on developing varieties with resistance to all kind of diseases. In all crops and for all growing conditions. Now and in the future. Besides the advantages for all players in the chain, resistant varieties are one of the solutions to move towards a more sustainable agriculture and a healthier world.

Organic breeding

During our House Fair 2021 there is special attention for our Vitalis organic varieties. For organic breeding, resistance makes a big difference. Organic agriculture differentiates itself from conventional production systems through its utilization of natural systems to manage crop production and is thereby reliant on symbiotic relationships between micro-organisms and organic matter, climate, the presence of beneficial insects and so forth. Disease resistant varieties are key in organic breeding. Vitalis Organic Seeds focusses heavily on developing resistant varieties in an organic way for the organic market.

Want to know more?

Join our House Fair in November. Contact your local sales representative to make an appointment.